About SHIP

SHIP is a team effort by committed volunteers from the community guided by the SHIP Program Manager and SHIP Board Members. SHIP provides various programs including a weekday breakfast/brown bag lunch program, and a weekend fellowship dinner program.  SHIP relies on the local community for financial support and receives no government funding.
History of SHIP  (Summit Helping Its People)

In 1990 the Summit Interfaith Clergy Fellowship formed an ecumenical task force of clergy, public officials and concerned citizens. Its goal was to assist homeless and at-risk homeless not served by other programs in the immediate area with additional support services made available as needed.
Mission Statement

To feed the homeless and at-risk homeless people in Summit and assist participants in obtaining additional support services.

SHIP Board

The SHIP programs are administered by the Board of Trustees. The Board hires a Program Manager to oversee the day to day activities and operations. The Board consists of community volunteers and meet once a month. The Board Chair presides at Board Meetings and represents SHIP within the community. In addition, there is a Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer. Various committees are established by the Board as appropriate.
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